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Eleanor Jones

Dr. Eleanor Jones

Dr. Jones is the owner of Schmitt's Animal Hospital.  What she loves most about her job is enjoying the human-animal bond and working with a great staff.  Outside of work she enjoys kayaking, photography, and fresh water aquariums - fish and shrimp.  Her 4 legged family includes the larger dogs: Reggie and Kara; the little guys: Snappy, Cricket, and Forrest; and the cats: Turtle, Suu Kyi, Eric, Orangey and Dori.  Her family includes the Lansing Spartans - Laura, Steve, Sarah and Chris as well as the Ann Arbor Wolverine - Josh. 


Graduated from Michigan State University in 1991.

Special interests in veterinary medicine: preventative medicine and dental care

    Dr. Linda Schmitt

    Dr. Schmitt is an avid horse back rider.  She spends her winter months in Arizona, riding her horses Alvin and Millie.  She also has a German Shepherd named Zeida and a German Shorthair Pointer named Cheska.  What she loves most about her job is the people, pets, and interesting stories and cases.  She also enjoys the variability in each day's schedule.


    Graduated from Michigan State University in 1979.

    Started Schmitt's Animal Hospital in 1984.

    Special interests: reproduction, surgery, and preventative health.

    Dr. Ann Timmer

    Dr. Ann Timmer

    Dr. Timmer is very involved with dog shows.  In her spare time she attends agility shows, conformation and obedience/rally events.  She enjoys dog training, especially with her Boston Terriers: Victor, Eva, Dot, and Ellie.  She also has a cat named Oliver.  What she loves most about her job is that the days are never the same, she's always learning and she enjoys the interaction between clients and their pets.


    Graduated from Michigan State University in 2003.

    Special interests in veterinary medicine: reproduction.

    Amy Cunningham

    Dr. Amy Cunningham

    Dr. Cuningham joined our staff in July 2016 after moving back to Michigan from Arizona. She has 4 dogs and 1 cat.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, Evie.  She also loves competing in agility with her dogs. 


    Graduated from Michigan State University in 2009.

    Special interests in veterinary medicine: sports medicine and surgery. 

    Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians

    Left to right:

        Marie Zimmerman, LVT     (Baker College graduate 2009)
        Head Technician: Sarah DeYoung, BS, LVT    (MSU graduate 2001),

                                    VTS (Clinical Practice - Canine/Feline) 2014

        Sara Jo Riley, LVT    (Baker College graduate 2012)

        Jamie Veenstra, LVT    (Baker College graduate 2013)
        Shelly VanDusen, BS, LVT    (MSU graduate 2007)


    Our LVT's perform all the duties a veterinarian can do except surgery, diagnose or prescribe medications. 



    Our Front Office Staff

    From left to right: 

       Beth Willcome

       Connie Padilla

       Jodi Barrett

       Sheryl Bylsma

       Kiara Guevara

       Kelly Bailey



    Our front office staff are the first ones to greet you at the door or answer your call.  They are here to make sure you and your pet have a great experience.


    Our Veterinary Assistants

    Left to right:

       Kaitlin McCready

       Sharon Hodges

       Kathy DeVos


    These important team members assist the doctors and technicians with exams, treatments, in-patient care, laboratory work, x-rays and much more!

    Fun fact: Kathy is Dr. Schmitt's sister.

    Office Managers

    Our Office Managers

    Jennifer Pilon - Business Manager

    Deb Morello - Office/Personnel Manager


    Deb started the practice with Dr. Schmitt when it first opened in 1984.

    Between the two of them, they have worked at Schmitt's for 48 years!